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Saturday, 27 September 2014

I am an animator.

My main passion in life is animation. This is what I will go on to study at Kingston University after my gap year. I like to experiment with different techniques and materials using anything that's movable and interesting. Some of my favorite medians to animate with are charcoal, paint, paper and sand.

I have had various commissions, one where I have worked with a poet called Jack Dean who went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer with his show Threnody For The Sky Children. My animations went along side the poetry and it was a very affective combination. Poetry and animation work well together because the images created are constantly moving and evolving.

In the shop I have been making little animations that show a certain product in use. Last week I played with the My Little Pony Dress-up Mug. Changing her outfits with the reusable stickers that come with the mug.

Today I experimented with Fun Dough. Seeing what shapes and textures I could make. What I love about animation is the freedom to do what ever you like. The dough moved easily into so many different shapes but wouldn't stay because it is so soft. This created a constantly evolving figure that changed from being a dolphin to a face in a couple of frames. It sometimes feels like the median I'm using has a mind of its own and decides itself what shape it wants to go to next and I am merely there to be an assistant to the material.

 I know it sounds a bit crazy. This relationship between the animator and the animation is something I explored a lot in my foundation degree. I find it very interesting how objects have their own characters, and this really comes apparent when you start to animate them.

My animations that I have made in the shop will be on the Toyday website soon. Keep an eye out for them!

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