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Saturday, 20 September 2014

What is it about Rag Dolls that makes them so special?

Out of all the toys in the shop I feel I'm most drawn to the Rag Dolls. Hand made in England they have very unique and adorable feel to them. As you walk into the shop they are all sitting right in front of you arm in arm with all there friends. I picked one up to change her label and I became attached to her, shes so soft and cuddly I didn't want to put her down when I had finished.

Dolls are one of the oldest toys going back to 2000 BC where evidence has been found in Egyptian tombs where families were buried with their most treasured processions including dolls made from rags, wood, clay and bone. This shows that dolls have played an important role in peoples lives for thousands of years

What makes a good toy is the attachment the child has to it. Originally, as the name suggests, Rag dolls were made by Mothers for their children out of old pieces of cloth and material and sowed together to create a doll. So simple yet so lovely. It's amazing to think that a child can become so attached to a piece of old cloth, but that's the magic of imagination. This attachment becomes so strong that the child can not go anywhere without the doll, I remember having a teddy that I would take everywhere with me because she made me feel safe, and was a great friend, we could share secrets that nobody else would know.

I think this kind of connection can only be made with a soft toy. The rag dolls have such a comforting feel to them, its that gentle cuddly quality to them that makes them special. I think this is such an important part of childhood.

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