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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Did you know about the new cinema in Totnes?

Okay well it's a not so new. The Romoney cinema located where the library used to be behind Harberton Arts, originally opened in 1946.  It showed films on Thursday nights for a traveling cinema. Then became full time, seating 161 movie fans and showing the greats until October 1964 when it closed. Now all these years later there are plans to re open it for the people of Totnes to enjoy.

Last week they opened  the space so people could come and share ideas and visions on how the cinema should be. When I went in there, the space looked incredible! So different from what it was before. Loads of people had given their ideas on what films they wanted to see, what food they want to eat and what they wanted from the space. The notice board was stuffed with suggestions and words of encouragement.

It's a great idea and I am very excited to see how it works out. Personally I would like to see them supporting local film makers and showing interdependent shorts before the feature instead of adverts. This would provide a chance for people to share their work with local people. Having your film screened is such an amazing feeling.

I really hope this works and the community supports this project. Going to the cinema is such a fantastic and social experience when it is full of people all laughing and crying together.
Its so much more exciting than sitting at home watching a film on your own. Films bring people together and let them share experience and emotions.

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