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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Traditional vs Technical

What makes a good toy?
The ability to promote imagination?
The amount of flashing lights and noises it makes?
The way it keeps the child entertained and focused for hours?

Its interesting to think about. "Techno toys" in the form of apps etc have become very popular recently, the world is changing as technology becomes increasingly clever and advanced. However has the way children think changed?

I remember having a Tamagotchi. Just like the one pictured. There was something so exciting about them they could go round to their friends for tea! and they died if you didn't look after them properly. They even pooped. Great! I wish I still had it, because now they are worth a small fortune. They kicked off the screen based games that are so popular today.
But then you start to ask. Does this encourage children to use their imaginations less? The same amount of fun could still be had with a normal doll, teddy or puppet. They can also go round their friends for tea or go flying or skiing or dancing. They can do far more than a Tamagotchi can. Your imagination is your limit! Its interesting to think how something so simple has more perpetual than something so complex. The traditional toys have a more reel, practical feel to them.

But then of course you are relying on the child sense of creativity and energy in keeping that up. It can be tiring! However creativity is something that should be promoted in children. Its such a good quality in life to be able to make the best of something. Our imagination can be our savoir sometimes.

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