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Friday, 27 March 2009

Free paper toys - Craft toys to make with your children

From the workshop of the talented Marilyn Scott-Waters, comes the toymaker website. Marilyn shares our passion for spending time with your children and making things together.

This doesn't have to be expensive, and you don't need to be a master carpenter either, as these wonderfully illustrated toys are made entirely from paper. All you will need to get started, is a printer, some scissors, some glue and a little dash of creativity, along with mummy or daddy to help.

Once you enter the site, there are activities for girls and boys to choose from, including themed projects for Easter or Halloween.

Athough many of these toys are beautifully illustrated, you may prefer toys that you can colour in yourself - We'll there is a section for that too, so get out your paints, crayons, coloured pencils or felt tip pens and get colouring in with the selection of colouring in projects.

If you are looking for something more educational, then you will find a range of mathematical toys to make, or something a little more scientific like the whirley copters or the paper windmill.

There's also lots of paper toys to make that move, like the traditional button spinners or you can make your own paddle steamboat, or even a paper sailing boat which you can try on the water. One of my favourites, is the marble mouse and the bunny bowling game, where you can add a marble or two to your finished animal, which allows them to roll around on the table.

If your like me, and you have lots of nik-naks lying about, then you can sit down with your child and make your own themed box or basket to keep them in. They could also make great presents when filled with a treat to give to someone special.

You can also subscribe to the toymakers toy-list, and receive secret download links for new crafts, such as the fairy thimble theatre.

Well, I think that this is one of the best craft / project sites on the web, which is why I felt compelled to add it here, and I'm sure you will agree. I hope you have fun making some of the toys.

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