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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

History of the Classic Slinky Toy

The slinky, (or Springy as it's also known) has been a classic toy that truly has stood the test of time. Have you ever wondered about the history of the slinky and how it became one of the nations favourite toys?

The Slinky was created in 1943 by a naval engineer named Richard James, from Philadelphia. He was developing a meter designed to monitor horsepower on naval battleships, when a tension spring fell on the floor. He was fascinated by the way the spring kept moving after falling to the ground, and the metal slinky was born!

The next two years was spent developing the classic toy, and it proved an immediate hit, when 400 units were sold at a 90 minute demonstration at Gimbels department store, Pennsylvania in Christmas 1945.

The James Spring & Wire Company was formed soon after, with a working capital af just $500. Each metal springy is made with an astounding 80 feet of wire, and they are now made in Hollidayburg, Pennsylvania, still using the original machinery designed by Richard James.

Richard James left his family and joined a Bolivian religious cult around 1960, leaving the business to his wife and business partner Betty James, who was responsible for the memorable slinky jingle, and TV advertising campain, which you should be able to view below.

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