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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Get FREE Traditional Toys from Toyday with Trialpay

For those of you that haven't heard about trialpay yet, it is a service that allows you to get products and services (In this case - Toys) for free. OK, so nothing in life is free, so what's the catch? - Well, it's more about an exchange of values....

How does Trialpay work?
Customers pay for their product by sending flowers from FTD, buying clothes from the Gap, subscribing to Netflix or choosing from thousands of other offers. TrialPay uses money from the advertiser (FTD, Gap or Netflix in this example) to pay for the products, which is then given to the customer for free.

With TrialPay’s Get It Free model, everyone wins: online sellers make new sales, advertisers acquire new customers and shoppers get a free product.

Trialpay Increases conversion rates for businesses
Trialpay has mainly been popular in the software industry, increasing conversion rates phenominally by upgrading customers from a free trial to the full product by signing up for an advertisers offer. Since then, trialpay has grown to a fully blown checkout system, which can be integrated seamlessly to most existing websites or e-commerce shopping carts.

TrialPay increases conversion rates and earns significant additional revenue from existing marketing initiatives. Just plug the TrialPay payment option into your site wherever customers can download or purchase your product. Many sellers feature the TrialPay "Get It Free" button next to the "Buy" button from product pages, marketing campaigns, e-mail promotions and anywhere else they want to increase conversion rates.

Register with trialpay today and increase your conversion rates

TrialPay Referral Program

Add Trialpay to your Website
Increase your conversion rates and start accepting payments from Trial pay. Register today.

TrialPay Referral Program

Trialpay is coming to Toyday soon
As soon as we have it implemented, you'll be able to get our great traditional and classic toys for free. Updates will be posted here, or just look out for the "get it for free" buttons on our website.

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