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Friday, 12 August 2011

Alice in Wonderland Themed Odd Object

Can you spot our object? I've narrowed it down for you by only taking a picture of one section of the window. It will be much harder for those trying to spot it from the entire window. The competition ends on the 27th of August so come up before then if you want to have a peek.

Adam has spent ages making us lovely wooden boxes to display stock in the shop which you can see in the other picture. Everyone seems to love them and customers keep wanting to buy them but unfortunately we don't have enough to let them. Each box has been waxed and printed with our giant Toyday ink stamp which makes them look really traditional to fit in with our theme. We also have some new wooden half barrels to go outside with stock in. There is no protection from the elements so the contents have to be rain proof but they are great for our summer stock like balls, buckets and Frisbees.

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