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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Best toys for a 1 year old girl

Buying a gift is hard enough but with one year olds you also have to make sure it's safe as well as all the other worries like do they have it already? and will they like it? Here is my list of our top five favourite toys for 1 year old girls that take all that worry away for you:

1. Baby Xylophone - £11.99
This chunky wooden xylophone has four lovely tones meaning she can bash away without causing ear ache.

2. Sweet Pea Snuggle Pod - £11.99
An incredibly soft baby dolly that slips into her peapod bed. Cuddly and cute.

3. Eco Phone - No batteries required - £12.99
Telephone calls when this little girl grows up are going to cost enough without having to spend on batteries for her toy telephone when she's only one. This genius phone is charged simply by shaking it and then it lights up and beeps when the buttons are pressed.

4. Rainbow Spinning Top - £12.99
A traditional metal spinning top decorated with bright colours that merge together as it spins. Once you get it spinning fast enough a humming noise is produced.

5. Baby Walker with Blocks -£49.99
A great way to help them start walking as they push this trolley around the house. Inevitably all there favourite toys will get taking for a ride.

Stocking stuffer ideas:

Wooden ABC Blocks - £4.99

Plastic Bath Boat - £1.00 each

Tinkle Tonk - £4.99

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