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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Best toys for a 1 year old boy

Shopping for a gift for a 1 year old seems to be especially easy in our shop. When children turn 1 there is suddenly loads of fun wooden toys that are suitable for them. Narrowing it down to what he'll love the best is the challenge. Below is a list of the top gifts for a one year old boy:

1. Wooden Hammer and Balls - £14.99
Hammering these balls and catching them as they come out the mouse hole seems to be irresistible fun, especially for boys who love to hammer things. Although we also sell the more traditional hammer and pegs this wooden toy is definitely more popular.

2. Rolling Shape Sorter - £9.99A wooden shape sorter that little ones can use to not only sort the shapes but also have fun rolling and shaking. We've not had this item in stock very long but it's value for money has given it instant popularity.

3. Ride on Aeroplane - £79.99
When little boys come into the shop this is an item they go straight to. If you've got a bigger budget this heavy duty metal aeroplane is sure to impress.

4. Wooden London Bus - £11.99
Distinctly British this chunky wooden bus will be great to push around the carpet and start off their vehicle collection.

5. Colourful Wooden Blocks - £10.99
Little boys love to build towers but what they love even more than that is knocking them down again. This chunky set of wooden bricks may not look exciting to you and me but to a one year old boy it will provide hours of entertainment.
Hopefully that has given you a few idea's of what gift to buy and here are a few stocking stuffer ideas as well:

Santa Bouncy Ball - £1.99 Wooden Maracas - £4.50 Plastic Cups - £8.99

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