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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Top ten stocking filler ideas for boys

You may have read last week's ‘top ten sticking filler ideas for girls’ but this now it’s the boys turn!

1.    Rubber band plane
       Wind the propeller and watch the plane take off.

 2.    Toy spark gun
        Sparks when the gun is fired!

3.    My toy 48 soldiers pack  
       Set up your own army.
4.    Hand buzzer
       Shock your friends with this classic joke.

5.    Bug box
       Perfect for any little boy with a fascination for insects.

6.   Slime kit
      Boy would have lots of fun with this slime. Gross!

7.    Balloon powered boat
       The boat moves along the water on it's own. 

8.    Dinosaur kit
       We know how much boys like dinosaurs, no you can assemble your own!

9.    Glow in the dark stars
       Put on the ceiling in your bedroom and watch them glow at night.

10.   Close up magic trick
        Great for any inspiring magician.

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