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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Secret Santa Ideas for £5 and Under

Struggling for Secret Santa present ideas this Christmas? Well here are my top tips for 10 fun and original gifts for adults, and all for under a fiver.

1.    Mini Ten Pin Beer Bowling  

Just line up the mini beer bottles and knock 'em down! 10 bottles = You are the king of ten beer bowling. 1 bottle = You are a wimp!

2.    Grow your own Gay Best Friend 

Place him in water and watch him grow. He gives great relationship advice, will give you an honest opinion on your hair and style and he loves to dance! What more could you want from a gift? 

3. Set of 3 juggling balls 

Learn a new skill with this set of three colourful squidgy juggling balls which come with a helpful booklet of basic instructions.

4.  Exploding Lighter  

Shock friends with this realistic looking cigarette lighter which explodes with a loud bang when the victim  tries to work it.

5.    Fake Car Scratch

Another great practical joke. A stick-on car scratch to fool friends and family with. Just apply to their car and sit back and watch! Peels off cleanly afterwards.



6. Black Face Soap 

Unsuspecting victims will end up with very grubby looking faces after washing with this soap.

7. Grow a New Wife

For anyone who  needs a new wife who will not run up giant credit card bills, won't interrupt during the football and who, in fact, won't talk at all!


 8. Heart Hand Warmer 

Help keep hands warm this winter with this heart hand warmer. Once activated the heart stays warm for 30 minutes.




9.   Mikado

For something a bit more traditional there is this lovely wooden version of the game of pick-up sticks.


 10. Whoopee Cushion

You can't go wrong with this old classic!


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