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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Renato Totnes experience

My name is Renato and I come from Thiene, a nice town not too far from Venice. I'm 17 years old and I'm attending the 4th year of high school. I came here a week ago and I spent my first days in Totnes studying at the Language in Totnes. I found my lessons really helpful, because we studied formal English to be used when you work in a shop. A few days ago I also started working at the Toyday toyshop, a place where you can find lots of old-fashioned toys. I got really impressed because I've never found a place like this in Italy, where you can buy just new toys, and the older ones are getting completely forgotten. My working experience is really nice: I'm working at the desk selling toys to costumers and translating the website in Italian. I think it could be a really useful job, because the shop sells a lot of items on the Internet and my translation could make lots of new Italian costumers. It is a new experience for me, because I've never tried to work in Italy, and doing it in a foreign country is great. My life here in Totnes is awesome. I'm far from my family and so I'm starting becoming more independent since I have to look after to my self on my own. I'm also discovering a culture that is really far from mine: here in England there are different habits and costumes. I also met new people coming from all over the world. In fact in Totnes you can find students of different nationalities and you can get in contact with people that you wouldn't have met living in your country. I'm also getting on well with my host family, who is really nice and is helping me when I need it. I would recommend this experience to all teenagers, because it can help you improving English, that nowadays is fundamental if you want to work or study abroad, and also growing up, since you're alone and you have to take care of your self without your parents' help.

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