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Sunday, 24 June 2012

A Visit to Geppetto's Workshop

On my recent trip to Italy I found the most amazing shop. Actually I think they have more than one shop like this there and that they're designed to Lure in tourists like me but it worked, I was lured in. The whole shop was designed to look like Geppetto's workshop with Pinocchio on the door and wood every where. It even had an old guy behind the counter doing some carpentry.

The was a whole wall of clocks some with moving eyes that I can imagine would fascinate a child. Much of what they sold was wooden gifts for children rather than toys as with toy safety laws now you wouldn't be able to just knock up something unique and sell it as a toy.

There were lots of personalised items for sale which I bet are really popular judging from how popular are wooden letter trains are. With my love for wooden toys I could have brought the whole shop if it wasn't for the fact that I was sharing a suitcase with my sister and I doubt she would have been impressed if I filled it with heavy wood.

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