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Monday, 18 June 2012

Shopping in Looe

Another grey day in Looe today. The perfect excuse to mosey around the shops instead of just sitting on the beach. A walk along the river and then you wouldn't be able to pass our road. I may be a little biased but I think the best shops in Looe are down our end.

On the corner in this photo can you spot the Rodda's Cornish Clotted Cream bucket outside Robbies Ice creams? Us Cornish are fiercely proud of our clotted cream and these ice creams are full of the stuff. All their ice creams are homemade on the premises and they have a huge range of flavours, from classic Vanilla to typically British apple crumble. Then on the end of our row is a clothes shop with some big brands and surf wear. This came in really handy when Adam had to buy a jumper after work as we were heading straight to a party.

In the middle of this row of shops is us! I love the reaction when people spot our window. "Oh look at all those lovely traditional toys" "I remember having one of them". You just can't walk passed without curiosity getting the better of you.

Is there any smell nicer than a cake baking in the oven? The temptation to pop to the shop next door is often too great with all those lovely smells wafting through. A glance into Sarah's Cake Shop window and you won't be able to resist a slice of gateaux or a cupcake, I have just devoured a warm chocolate marshmallow muffin.

On the end of our row is a lovely shop named Driftwood. Which as you may have guessed is full of wooden things. Mostly had carved wooden animals and things like that. One of our favourite wedding presents, a driftwood clock, was from this shop.

In the bottom photo where the road seems to just stop, that's Looe river and a prime spot for crab fishing. If you carry on around the corner following the river you will end up on the beach. Looe is full of winding streets and cobble paths and is well worth a wander around.

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