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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Goki Puzzles from Germany

Good morning, there's again Rebecca from Germany . . . 
Today I want to tell you a story about GOKI !! Most of the puzzles from this shop are GOKI-Puzzles and that's funny, because in Germany it's same as here. The Puzzles are great, they are all woodworking and my godchild loves to play with this. It's really good for learning and coordination. Her mother like's them too, because then my godchild is busy . . . :) And so her mother has a little break and can enjoy the moment. 
Today it's my third day in this shop and i don't want to think about Friday, because this day is my last day in the toyshop . . . :( 
I really enjoy the day's in TOYDAY !!! 

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