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Monday, 18 February 2013

Rebecca's First Day at Toyday

Hello guys, my name is Rebecca and usually I live in Germany, but now I 'm going to live in Totnes until 06th April. 
Totnes is a wonderful village. 
But now to the Toyshop. The first impression from this shop is great. The toy's are clearly presented and I'm sure every child is happy to visit this shop in Totnes. It's a lovely shop with great things for children. For example the
Swan Lake Jewellery Box

Swan Lake Jewellery Box.

 I think I was six years old and it was a really big wish to get this box, because I was a little girl and I wanted to be a princess. I think it is the wish for most little girls. 

On my sixth birthday, I got this box from my parents. I was so happy and now the box is still standing in my room. 

The first toy I saw in the shop was this box, unbelievable it was a great moment and I'm thinking about a present for my godchild. I'm sure she will just as happy as I was. 

Now I have to work, because it's really busy today . . . :) 

See you, Rebecca 


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