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Friday, 22 February 2013

Rebecca's Easter Gift Ideas

Hello guys, it's me again, Rebecca. 

Today is my last day at TOYDAY. I'm really sad about this. First I have to say thank you for the great time . . . !!!

But now I want to talk about few toys in this shop. 

I want to begin with something for Easter . . . because think about it's not a long time until Easter ! ! !

It is a fun twist on a hammer and ball game. 

Product information: 

Knock the colourful eggs through the wooden tower and out the hole with the wooden chicken hammer.
Wooden Egg Tower

And also for Easter . . . 

You can put the eggs into the basket, once you have to find some . . . :-) Bunny Easter Egg Basket

Chirping Easter Chick

 A fluffy Easter chick which makes a chirping sound when it's feet are pressed.
Chirping Easter Chick

Egg Bouncy Ball

Egg Bouncy BallA rubber egg! ! !
Great fun at Easter as well . . . :-) 
. . . 
And the Wooden Letter Train I also like, because it' educational. That's a good way to explain some words or spelling names.
Wooden Letter Alphabet Train - Set of 28 
The last I want to tell you is about the Seraphina Princess . . . 
I'm a girl . . . And I think every girl likes to play with this princess . . . ???? The princess will share all the time with you . . . beginning in the morning and the evening she will go with you to bed.
Seraphina Princess

I think that all presents for Easter or something else that will you're children make happy . . . Thank you for reading this blog . . . see you, Rebecca 

1 comment:

Adam McCollough said...

Hi Rebecca,
That's some great Easter ideas there. It sounds like you had a really enjoyable time here at Toyday, and a shame we didn't get to meet you in person. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay in Totnes, and if you want to come back again let us know!
All the best - Adam & Emily

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