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Monday, 1 July 2013

Have Lots Of Fun Outside In the Sun

Although Cornwall isn't known for its fantastic weather, when the sun does come out - like it has been recently - it gives us some beautiful sunshine. Here at Toyday we have some great toys for your children playing in the garden at home, on the beach or at the park with their friends.
Here are 5 great toys that are guaranteed to get everyone outside. 

Cricket Set - £5.99
Cricket is a great sport to get both children and parents outside and running around. This set come with everything you will need: Ball, Bat, Wooden Wicket and a handy bag to carry it all to where ever you want to play it. 

Balloon Powered Helicopter - £1.50
This is a very simple and cheap toy that will get everyone outside having fun. All you have to do it blow up a balloon, attach the propellers, let go and watch as your helicopter flies all around the garden. It even comes with balloons already but when you run out you can easily get more packs of balloons and have even more fun.

Cosmic Rocket Kit - £11.99
With one purchase you can have endless amounts of rocket launches; all you need is vinegar and baking powder. Gather your children and friends, build the rocket, take it outside, fuel it up and watch it fly up to 30 feet in the air. Everything you need to make the rocket itself is in the box.


Enormous Mega Ball - £5.99
These enormous balls just need to be blown up to 70cm (diameter) and then you can do almost anything with them - the ideas are endless. You can play giant football, catch, volleyball, get a bat and play rounders or cricket etc... The fact that it is giant also makes it easier to hit, catch and kick for children.

Diamond Kite - £1.99
Finally we have the very classic kite. Great fun from both children and parents. Work together to put it together and then all you have to do is run and all children love to run. Comes in all sorts of different colours to suit everyone. 
Click Here for more outdoor toys.

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