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Friday, 19 July 2013

Anna's Visit to England

I'm Anna and I'm 16 year old. this is my second experience in England but this is my first "job experience". in the morning I'm going to school and in the afternoon I'm going here for work. I've never worked yet so I have a little fear! I hope to learn this language because my English is poor. I'm living in a family very very beautiful with 2 girl: french girl and spanish girl. I will live in Totnes for 2 week. I work in a "toy shop" and I work on the till. It's not difficult but i have fear all the same!

With my teacher and my class, we visited the castle and we went to the train station.On Saturday, tomorrow, i will go, with my Italian friends, to Exeter. We will do more shopping!! I think that Totnes is a good city and there are more beautiful shops in the center, in fact, I already bought a dress. 

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