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Saturday, 13 July 2013

How to juggle...

I've always been so fascinated at the concept of juggling. I remember my Grandparents taking us to the Circus every summer and I was just so wonder-struck at the different tricks by acrobatic performers. They'd go from using three simple balls to 4, 5, 6, 7 etc. Then they would set them on fire and start throwing them around their necks and legs. Absolutely insane! It's always been on my bucket list to learn how to juggle, especially in the summer because there's a lot more space and longer days to work at it.

So here is a simple guide on how to juggle-

 1) start with one ball. Start passing one ball from one hand to the other. Try and get the ball at eye-height or higher. Your hands must not move too much, so aim to keep your elbows at your hips.
2)Practice scooping your hand. This will help make juggling a lot easier. Just scoop, or dip, your hand before tossing the ball. Practice scooping and tossing from one hand to another, don't let the arc rise above your eye level.
3) now use two balls. Toss ball A, and when it reaches the middle of its arc, toss ball B. Practice until this becomes very natural.
4) finally, three balls! Put two balls in one hand and the another ball in the other hand. Start by passing ball 1 from your right hand and once it reaches the middle of its arc throw ball 2 to your right hand. Then, once ball 2 is at its peak throw ball 3 (making sure you've caught ball 1!) 
It sounds complicated, i know! Which is why you should purchase our juggling balls that even have their own diagrams on the box. Just keep practicing and practicing until you feel comfortable...

...and remember- even the most experienced jugglers and acrobats had to start somewhere!

1 comment:

Adam McCollough said...

This is exactly how I was taught to juggle, and have taught many others using this same technique. It feels silly at first tossing one ball from hand to hand, but gradually adding an extra ball really does work, and you can be up and running with three balls in as little as 20 minutes.
Good luck everyone - and have fun!

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