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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Balloon Modelling Madness!

So i am here at Toyday in Looe, town is a little quiet so i look around the shop and think to myself what demo can i have a little play around with.. when i spot a Modelling balloons kit! Within seconds i had bought myself a kit, ripped open the box and was studying the instructions. Which are very clear and simple to follow. I decide to go with the easiest balloon model for my first try, so i attempted to make a balloon dog. It didn't go so well, i hadn't left myself enough balloon to finish off the hind legs and tail. Second attempt went much better and i found myself staring in pure amazement at the little balloon animal i had just created! 

 After a few more practice runs ( 5 balloon dogs later ) i decided to move onto something i felt was a little more challenging. A balloon flower! Three popped balloons later i had success.

I cannot explain how excited i was making balloon animals, i felt like i was seven years old at Christmas time again. Guaranteed hours of fun, tons and tons of balloon models to make and master. This could quite easily be my new hobby! 

COMING SOON!  How to make balloon animals step by step on our YouTube channel.

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