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Friday, 11 October 2013

Fantastic fun with Marbles and Marble runs.

Weather you collect them, play with them or swap them every child should have a set of marbles.  With a massive variety for you to choose from, including colourful, bright and sparkling marbles there's something for everyone's taste. I remember i had a large clear glass marble that had a pink swirl inside that was my favorite in my collection which i used as my shooter while playing ringer, ring taw and dropsies. Or one of my favorites Marble run. 
Using imagination and creativity putting together a course and watching the marbles accelerate down the track is so exciting. Making different tracks and seeing how fast you can load the marbles onto the run is great fun! 

Fun fact : The longest marble run in the world ( featured in the Guinness world book of records ) measures 1,286.61 m ( 4,221.16ft) and was achieved by students of Swinburne University, Australia. Nine students spent a month building the huge marble run. The marble rook 10 minutes to complete the run.

Because my job is so fun i had the opportunity to play with all three sizes of Marble runs. All the pieces are bright and colorful and very easy to put together. Marble runs are definitely for all ages, it was great building my track and watching the marbles race down it. This product is great for children ( over the ages of three, small pieces are a choking hazard) it encourages thinking, creative development , imaginative play it's a group activity and is interactive.

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