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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Christmas Wish List

Ok, so my excitement for Christmas has already kicked in. I think it kicked in during the summer time... But now it's actually socially acceptable to look forward to Christmas, as it's only 60 days away!

So, for all you parents/grandparents out there, you know, at the end of October, it means one thing- the Christmas lists. I've already had lots and lots of children pointing at items in the shop, saying 'I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS' with the parents having a look of stress/fear on their faces.
Not only are the Christmas lists (for the parents) being written but so are the Father Christmas wish lists. It can all get a bit hectic, and although it's a wonderful time, it's also very stressful when it's left to the last minute!

Get a letter from Santa / Write to Father Christmas

I went on to Pinterest and found some lovely Father Christmas list templates for children.

Print them out and get your young ones to start writing what they'd like. The earlier the better whilst things are still in stock. I also really liked the ones that you can send from Santa.

At Toyday we have so many wonderful toys for all ages! 
We even have a special stocking fillers section. You can find it all on our website at

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