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Friday, 23 October 2009

10 Top Ten Christmas Toys 2009

Traditional and classic toys really are set to be as popular as ever this Christmas. Here's the top ten best sellers in the lead up to Christmas 2009.

Rubber Band Aeroplane
10. Rubber Band Plane

Bag of Plastic Farm Animals
9. Bag of Farm Animals
Cardboard Kaleidoscope
8. Kaleidoscope
Rainbow Humming Top
7. Rainbow Spinning Top
Ball with Rattle
6. Soft Babies Jingling Ball
Spud Gun
5. Metal Spud Gun
Fun Snaps
4. Fun Snap Bangers
Wooden Letter Train
3. Wooden Letter Train
Playful Penguin Race
2. Penguin Race Game

and at number 1 this year...
Worry Dolls
1. Guatamalan Worry Dolls.

And as a result of the worry dolls success, we have a new worry dolls line due in before Christmas, which include larger worry dolls for lifes bigger worries, and they come in a brightly coloured woven bag to keep them in.

Of course, this is early days and some of our other toys might creep up the list, although It will take some serious competition to knock out the top 3.

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