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Monday, 12 October 2009

What A 2 Year Old Boy Would choose

It's not often most children can be let loose in a shop to play with what ever their hearts desire. Blake is one lucky boy to be able to do it, no holds barred. So what did he choose.....

First off he went straight to the balls. What is it about boys and football? Once they've all been thrown out of their basket and boxes. He's on the move again and oh yes typical boy straight to the cars. He played with some pull back diecast tractors sending them off across the shop.

Blake found a guitar and had a couple of strums before he spotted the Jack in a Box. He loves jack in the boxes and is a pro at turning the handle. He doesn't call it a Jack in a Box though, he call's it a 'Boo' because that's the best bit for him, when the lid pops up and he gets to shout "BOO".

He then found his other favourite toy, the marble run, and pulled it down to endlessly put the marbles back up the top to watch them roll down the track.

With play time over we grabbed a balloon and the Jack in a Box and headed back to the office.

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