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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Half Term in Looe

I decided to take the ferry to work this morning from West Looe across the river to East Looe instead of walking around via the bridge. Such a relaxing way to start the day even though it only takes a few minutes but at just 40p its something that you must do while you are here. Ferrymen have been going to and fro the harbour for as long as I can remember and are as much a part of Looe as the pasties and ice-cream. Many of the the fishing boats are heading out to sea today taking the ever optimistic fisherman out in the hope of catching a big one. Some will be going to the reefs, some to deep water marks such as the Eddystone Lighthouse and others just having a couple hours fun catching mackerel. If you enjoy anything to do with the sea and boating than you can find it in Looe. They may not be as big but can be great fun for the children so why not check out our range of boats. Its also the start of the half term here this weekend and I know that most of the holiday parks around Looe are full this week and no doubt there will be a few Christmas presents being bought, so if you are looking for more traditional toys then pop into Toyday and I am sure you will find some great ideas.

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