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Friday, 9 October 2009

Toydays Tin Toys reach TV fame

Coming soon to your TV screens is a Christmas special of Kirsties Home Made Homes, that features a lovely character filled house in Devon, where Kirstie Allsop transforms her house with home made crafts using reclaimed and restored second hand furniture and curious hand made objects, where she will get hands on having a go at making things herself to fill her home.

To be aired on December 1st, is a Christmas special, which will feature Kirstie helping some children making teddy bears in the childrens room of her house. If you look very carefully, you will see some of our tin toys decorating the room, which will include our festive wind up tin father christmas, a wooden snowman wobbler, and a few clockwork tin trains and cars.

This isn't the first time our toys have been on the telly. Soon you will see our wooden flapping seagull and a wind up submarine due to be shown in a little boys room on ITV's 60 minute makeover.

Do keep a look out for them and let us know if you manage to spot them.

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