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Friday, 20 May 2011

Gardening time in Looe

Well we seem to of been waiting a long time but spring is well and truly here in Looe and this month we have a window display of some ideas for you to introduce your children to having fun in the garden. My father was a very enthusiastic gardener and I was brought up with having a large garden but unfortunately gardens seem to be making way for driveways and patio's but there is a comeback with a huge increase in the number of garden allotments becoming available all through the country.

A must have for any little gardener is a good sturdy wheelbarrow and our metal one will have no problem coping with heavy loads. In the wheelbarrow are a pair of Monster Feet, which can be used as a pair of stilts but as any child will know they make good flower pots! No gardener would be complete without a metal watering can and we have a good quality of small garden tools which are perfect for the garden or can be equally as useful on the beach.

Now there is no need to go down to the woods to find the teddy bears having a picnic because we have a range of tea sets that would delight any child and when its break time from the garden let them make you a nice cup of tea and of course pour an extra one for teddy.

If they still have the energy after a day in the garden them let them tire themselves out with our junior space hopper, which comes in a variety of colours and if you feel left out in the excitement then we also do an adult sized one but watch the bedding plants!

Whilst in the garden keep an eye out for our little feathered friends as we put food out for them in the winter but its also good to to do this through the year and water too if possible. If you want to listen to the chirping of birds in your house you cant help but enjoy the little singing bird cage we do and there is no mess or vet fees. Just wind him up and he chirps merrily and bobs up and down. I hope this gives you some ideas and that you have some fun with your children in the garden and outdoors.

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