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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fairytale Jigsaw Puzzle to feature on Coronation Street

Next month, Britain's longest running Television soap opera, Coronation Street is to feature one of our products!

To be aired on ITV1 on Monday 6th June, our colourful Fairytale Jigsaw Puzzle will be on-screen in the second episode of the evening at 8.30pm.

It will feature in a scene that's set in the back of the residents local, Rovers Return. Steve McDonald is with his Daughter, Amy, waiting for Becky to arrive. Amy is trying to complete the puzzle and tells Steve she is having trouble with the sky. Becky then arrives and tells Amy "The harder it is, the better it feels when you get it right."

If you miss it the first time, it's to feature again in a later scene where Becky and Steve have a heart-to-heart.

This is one of our most exciting "on the TV" features, as every episode of Coronation Steet is watched by millions.

Keep a lookout and let us know if you manage to spot it.

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