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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lost And Found At Dartington Barn Cinema

Dartington Barn Cinema Presents....

Lost and Found
presented by Travelling Light and Polka Theatre

by Oliver Jeffers

Saturday 21 May
11.30am & 2pm, Barn Theatre

Once there was a boy
and one day he found a penguin at his door…

He didn’t know where it came from or who it belonged to. The penguin looked sad and the boy thought it must be lost. So he decided to help it find its way home, even if that meant rowing all the way to the South Pole.

Travelling Light teams up with Polka Children’s Theatre to create an enchanting new show for children aged 3 to 7. Based on the award-winning book by the popular author/illustrator Oliver Jeffers, Lost and Found is a heart-warming tale of adventure, bravery, and true love.

“Delightful.. appealing.. children’s theatre at its strongest” -Whatsonstage.com

Lost and Found was previously a piture book and is the first to be made into animation.

Lost and Found is available in paperback and hardback as well as the animated version of the story on DVD produced by the BBC.

Oliver Jeffers has skillfully designed this book to appeal to the vivid imaginations of children all over. Using a combination of a simple, yet touching storyline that is brought to life with his artistic visualisation, creates a storybook that defines how the traditional medium of print can still be exciting and entertaining for both the young and of the aged.

Oliver Jeffers has also wrote other books so check out his website if you want to look - http://www.oliverjeffers.com/shop/book01.html

The Dartington Barn Cinema...

An Independent Cinema...

The Barn Cinema is a independent cinema situated in a renovated 14th century barn, that be found in the beatiful grounds of Dartington Hall estate near Totnes.

The Barn runs a wide ranging film programmes,that includes independent arthouse, world and mainstream cinema, seven days a week.

To see the list of films Click Here.

They also have a children matinee programme (where children must be accompanied by an adult) on saterday afternoons.Tickets for our children's matinées are only £3.00 in January

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