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Monday, 16 May 2011

In the Garden in Totnes

Totnes shop window taking on this months 'In the garden' theme.

With the growing season upon us we need to get out in the garden and we have a lovely selection of toys for the children to join in the fun.

In the top picture you will see the whole window and then in the next picture you can just see a glimpse of a few games for the garden such as boules and cricket as well as some creative idea's.

How about having a go at pressing some flowers, with the gardeners permission of course, we don't want you pulling up mummy's favourite flowers. Another great idea is the paint your own bird house which you could decorate how ever you choose and then hang up in the garden. Also in this picture is our new wheelbarrow set, a bargin at just £7.99 and our beautiful wooden horse swing for little ones.

The bottom picture has some classic metal garden tools for little hands and an always popular addition to the garden, a little wooden windmill perfect for decorating flower beds and plant pots. I'll have to take another picture of this section of the window again very soon as we are actually having a go at growing a Mr Grasshead. He has a few small shoots but you can't really tell yet.

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