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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Caps, Cap Bombs, Cap Guns - I loved them all!

Cap guns became popular following World War 2, TV's were being watched all around the UK and companies began to create all different types, styles and colours of cap guns for children. Children all over the world saw their heroes fighting crime and therefore began reenacting their own scenes by collecting these toy guns.

Cap guns were always a highlight toy during my childhood; especially for my 8 year old brother and his friends. I remember my siblings and I feeling almost like James Bond with our pretend, smokey gun shots around the house. Pretending to be spies or action heroes...we could play for hours and hours with our cap guns and bombs.
 They really are something so simple yet so affective. What a brilliant toy! It's amazing to see them still being sold. They were a classic toy in the 50's, 90's and they seem to be just as popular now!

The cap bombs produce a puff of smoke when thrown on the ground (completely harmless!) Similarly with the cap guns; when the gun is shot it makes a loud noise and produces smoke.The cap guns and bombs can be used in all kinds of adventure games, it makes every game that little more exciting and realistic. It can also be used as a prank so watch out parents!

At Toyday we sell so many cap bombs and cap rings online and in store. They are definitely one of the most exciting and fun toys around!

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