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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ridley’s Magical Retro Range

Ridley's House of Novelties

Being a traditional toyshop, Ridley's products are completely fitting for the shop. Giving each toy an old fashioned feel with it's amazing vintage and retro packaging.  
Ridley's produces all different kinds of toys, such as; card games, whoopee cushions, classic jokes, games and magic sets. Toys for both girls and boys from all ages.

The Ridley's selection all seem to be so simple yet so entertaining (they were even enjoyed by parents and grandparents during their childhood, which makes the toys such a lovely memory!)
Even with their vintage design, the toys are affordable and don't require batteries. Ranging from from £2.99 for whoopee cushions/jokes to £14.99 for Circus sets. 

Have a browse through our website for our Ridley's products http://www.toyday.co.uk

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Baby Accessories said...

Omg! I was looking for this Vintage Toys! I had this toy when I was a kid and it was the BEST toy ever! thanks for sharing such post.....
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