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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Still Super at 75-Happy Birthday Superman!

Clark Kent here reporting for the daily planet bringing you all the news and gossip from Superman’s Gala Birthday party last night in the Metropolis City Hall.

Superman was of course late for his own party as his busy rescuing schedule overran that day. The crowd were kept entertained by special guests The Flaming Lips who performed their chart topping hit ‘Waiting for a Superman’ until the caped crusader, with Ms Lane in arm, landed in the middle of the stage carrying a cake the size of a double-Decker bus. Superman issued a formal apology to the people in the crowd firstly for being late but secondly for covering them in butter icing when he blew out his candles ‘sometimes I forget my own strength’ he chuckled. No harm done the fans cheered him on with chants of ‘speech speech speech’

 ‘ Thank you thank everyone, please allow me to give a special thank you to all my special guests here this evening, I know many of you have traveled from distant planets and the journey has taken you many earth years, especially my Aunt Alura and cousin Kara who have come all the way from new Kryptonia! May I also say how wonderful it is to have so many of the old team back in one building again, how long has it been Bruce?’ 

 Superman turned to Batman who simply shrugged and said, ‘If I admitted that I’d have to confess my age!’ 

 Laughing, Superman proceeded to the delight of the crowd to bring on stage his special guests, some of the last members of the Justice Society. ‘Ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to Batman and Batgirl, Aquaman, Air Wave, All-Star, Blackhawk and the Back Canary!’  

After the crowd had calmed down Superman then requested a minutes silence for all his fallen comrades from the last seven decades and he asked everyone to join him in a toast ‘Gone but not forgotten’

With the evenings festivities continued right into the early hours, after the band had given up and gone home the League of Justice decided to make their own entertainment with the karaoke kit that they had bought superman for his birthday. Superman obliged the crown of fans and sang the classic Cher hit 'If I could Turn Back Time'. An inebriated Black canary had to be escorted away from the mike after near deafening the revelers with her ultrasonic scream. ‘In all the excitement I plum forgot about that!’ She said after but this reporter thinks the poor girl is in denial as she must be almost totally deaf herself!

There has been no word from the Fortress of Solitude so far today and we expect superman is going to be sleeping it off for some time yet!

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