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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Make-your-own-opoly: Product Review

Monopoly is a great game that is recognized by many people. It has many different versions – over 550 different types. Some of these include more childish ones like; Star Wars, Pokémon, The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants to ones that are a little less inventive like; Monopoly City and The Mega Edition. Make-your-own-opoly now allows you to create your own ideal vision of monopoly. You could customize anything from the money to the individual player’s pieces; all you would need is some scissors, your computer and printer.

This is suitable for both girls and boys from the age of 8 upwards and the best amount of players would be 2 to 6. Make-your-own-opoly consist of taking it in turns to role a dice to allow you to move around the board, usually you have to buy properties but with this you could have famous people as each place, your pets or all the members of your family- it’s up to you. With make-your-own-opoly you, your family or your friends can be successful entrepreneurs competing against each other. 
This game is good as it as a more creative side to any of the other types of monopolies because you can make anything, like the money, be designed however you want. The way you do this is via the computer software that comes with the game. It is simple to use for anyone – whether they are a computer whiz or a complete novice. Included with the software are the instructions on how you use it.

It comes with everything you need to play it straight away, nothing is sold separately. The computer software and instructions are an easy read and help you through every step. Although, if someone does not have a computer or printer, they are then excluded from buying this brilliant game. If this game could be both computer and non computer accessible then it would appeal to even more people.
From www.toyday.co.uk you can get this great game for only £15.66 which for such a good game that everyone can get involved with every step of the way. This is great value for money and will entertain everyone for hours.
Overall I would give make-your-own-opoly a rating of 7/10.

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