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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn Bucket List

Autumn never used to be a time of year I particularly enjoyed. For some reason, this year, it's becoming my most treasured and appreciated season. 
I'm loving the idea of wrapping yourself up in blankets, having the fire on (for those of you lucky enough to have a real fire, you understand it's particularly special), drinking cups of tea, hot soups, hot baths, wearing patterned wellies, walking in the leaves. Last week I went for a walk in the woods and it made me truly appreciate how the seasons change and how nature changes with it. It's almost slightly magical.

This week I found these 'bucket lists' for autumn on places like Pinterest etc. A lot of them are American and from all different parts of the world. I thought I would write a blog especially dedicated to an autuumn 'to do list' for the times that you can really let go of the stress and just enjoy the parts of life you never have time for.  
Here are a few ideas-

Tell stories around a fire
Have a flavoured latte 
jump in leaves
bake cakes, cookies and pies
go for evening walks on the beach
buy a wooly jumper
go for long walks
roast marshmallows
collect conkers
play boardgames with all the family
go to a fancy restaurant
find an old recipe book and start cooking
decorate the mantlepiece with fairy lights
take too many photos
make fancy coffee
carve a pumpkin
have a picnic with flasks of hot chocolate
pick apples
watch the stars

Just a few basic but lovely ideas to make your autumn as special as possible. Go and enjoy yourself this season and look forward to Christmas being just around the corner (!!!)

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