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Saturday, 14 September 2013

'Everybody UNO, Everybody Play'

 UNO was my all time favourite game as a child! When I got a little older, the second UNO game came out which had a button you could press and cards would shoot out (!!!) 
Whenever we went out in the caravan or had a rainy day at home, the UNO cards would be ready to play with.
I also remember the 90's advert for UNO that even had it's own song- 'Everybody UNO, everybody play.'
 I managed to find an old 80's advert for UNO and I thought it was hilarious! Here's the link- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU0xQtgheh8

So, here's a step by step guide to 'How To Play UNO':

1) Have the deck of UNO cards in front of you. Make sure you have up to 2-10 players sat in a circle, ready to start.
2) Deal out seven cards for each player and the remainder of the cards go in the middle of the circle (the players must NOT look at other people's cards!)
3) Turn over the top card of the draw pile and place it next to the draw pile to start the game.
4) Take it in turns, starting anti-clockwise, to put down one card from your seven to match the number or colour or symbol of the card in the pile e.g. If there's a green 5 on the pile then you have to put down a card that's either green, number 5 OR a wild card (in which case you can choose the colour you'd like to have)
5) If you do not have a card to match the card in the pile, you must take one card from the draw pile and the next person has a turn.
The idea of the game is to have as little cards as possible as the game goes on. To win you must lose all of your cards and shout 'UNO'.
Remember, certain cards have certain 'powers' and these cards are called Action Cards. For example, the reverse card means the circle goes the opposite way (and therefore leaves the person next to you to miss a go!)

Give it a go and see if you can win...It's the perfect game for the Autumn season and can entertain the family for hours!

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