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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Retro Rag Dolls

Check out our new range of Rag Dolls which are selling like hot cakes!

Aren't these just the cutest things you've ever seen!?! These are beautifully hand made in the UK using 100% cotton and hollow fiber filling. On close inspection the attention to detail is the undeniable proof of the level of quality craftsmanship.

The kids absolutely love them, just goes to show that some things never change, the classics are always the best.

There is a large Rag Doll which sells for £20.99, she measures approx 60cm she has blond bunches made of 100% wool. She is wearing a white dress with a delicate pink floral pattern.

       We also have 3 kinds of medium rag doll which retail at £11.99 and measure approx 40cm. One has also got blond high bunches and she is wearing a white cardigan over a pale pink dress with patterned patchwork butterfly's embroidered on. She has pink shoes and pink gingham bows in her hair.
        Another type has her blond bunches in low plaits with a bonnet on her head. She is wearing a white dress with multicoloured flowers on it. She has red polka dot shoes and a bow to match around her waste.     
The 3rd style we are stocking is a Sailor suited doll sporting a very cute hat and brown bunches.

The smallest ones are £4.99 and measure approx 20cm. There are a number of different styles of this size, we have nurses, ballerina's, angels and lots lots more!

 I had a rag doll when I was a little girl, she was called Amanda and she has ginger hair. I once left her in the public toilets while on a trip to the seaside and made my poor Dad drive 50 miles to go and find her. I cried the whole way but was eventually reunited with Amanda.
Did you have a rag doll when you were a kid? 

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