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Monday, 5 May 2014

Crazy Things People Have Asked For

Over the years people have come into our toy shops and asked us for some very strange things. Sometimes the items requested aren't necessarily strange but to expect a toy shop to stock them is. Here is my top 10 craziest things people have asked us for:

1. Jellied Eels
2. Lighters - I was asked for this so frequently when the newsagent next door was closed that I actually started stocking them!
3. Cat Nip
4. Phone Credit
5. Tarot cards
6. Wood Glue

7. Super Market Trolley Coin
8. Cheese
9. Hair Brush
10.Tea Towels

We had a customer who made us laugh when he asked for a toy chainsaw, not that a toy chainsaw is particularly funny but when I said I didn't have any he replied "Why you've got other weapons like swords and guns". Sorry if I'm wrong but I thought the primary use for a chainsaw was as a tool rather than a weapon!

I'm afraid we only sell toys, lots and lots of very lovely toys!

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