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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Great garden fun!

Now that the weathers getting warmer I want to get my little girl outside more, but having a newborn baby sometimes makes long day trips out a little difficult especially when it comes to keeping them cool and in the shade. So until my little baby is a little bit older I've decided that im going to buy some more toys and games for Elisia to play in the garden with.

So here are a few of my top choices that we have in store!

The Dinosaur bubble blower. I'm forever being asked to blow the bubbles so that Elisia can run around the garden and chase them. This way she can make the bubbles herself if im busy with the little one, providing hours of bubble fun!


Gardening tools perfect for those little hands! Now I have help doing the gardening which is great for spending some one on one time with my 2 year old. She loves playing in the mud and getting dirty.

 There's nothing better than cooling down in the heat with a good old water fight! Chasing each other round and around with a water pistol. Brilliant for tiring out toddlers full of energy.


 Another great toy for water play, these plastic watering cans come in four different colours. A good toy to get your toddler involved with the gardening.


This toy wheel barrow is perfect for your little one to cart around all their prized possessions, or even just mud! My little girl likes to push her Teddy's around indoors in her shopping cart so I know she would love this!

 For children a little bit older we have the Rock N Hopper



And skip ball! A great twist to from the original skipping rope!


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