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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Shopping local!

More and more people are starting to shop online. Now you can order everything from your weekly shop to brand new technology online. But is it really a better way?

By not going into store you miss out on a whole experience, your shopping with just once sense. Your sight. You cant touch the product, or see a demonstration of it. 
For example you don't know how soft a cuddly toy is buy looking at it, or what a wind up musical toy sounds like. 

Here at Toyday the atmosphere in our shops is magical! Almost every inch of the shop has exciting toys and games for you to look at. It actually reminds me of the film, Mr magorium's wonder emporium. A lot of toys have demo's out in the shop so that you can even play with them before you buy, just to make sure your buying whats right for you. 

 Shopping online also means you won't get that face to face customer service and friendly smiles!
 So come down to Toyday Toyshop in Looe, and support your town and its local business's.

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Adam McCollough said...

That is all so true Krystal. It's a shame that the great traditional shopping experience is leaving many High streets.

There is also another danger of buying toys online, and that is that customers need to ensure that the toys are safe and not fake copies, which could contain toxins and unsafe parts.

When shopping online, it's always best to buy directly from reputable websites like www.toyday.co.uk, and if buying on online auction sites, or from 3rd party Amazon sellers, check they have their own online presence and ideally shops too.

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