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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Toys for my baby boy!

Although the new little man in my life is not even a month old yet I'm already looking at toys, books and puzzles etc. that i can buy for him. Lucky for me I work in a place that's great for all things fun, Toyday Toyshop in Looe!

I have been looking at this product since finding out I was having a little boy! I love peter rabbit and remember reading the stories myself as a child. Its so soft and cuddly and plays a beautiful lullaby. This will take pride of place hanging on his cot.


Remember The very Hungry Caterpillar? One of my favorite childhood books. Turning all the little flaps and watching him turn into a beautiful butterfly was brilliant. So unsurprisingly I've fallen in love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar wooden pull along toy.


I'm Looking forward to the day my little guy can follow his daddy round this house and copy him wearing his carpenters belt! We all know kids love to copy their parents, my little girl try to help my clean and tidy up but usually ends up making more mess!


These are but a few off the toys and various other items that I'll be buying for my little boy, I couldn't possibly name the rest as it would be a never ending blog! All these toys and more can be found in-store and online. Just follow the link.

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