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Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Few New Arrivals of Old Favourite Games

The game I get asked for most in the Totnes is Bananagrams. Which is a banana shapped case filled with letter tiles that you use to play a word game. I've never played it myself but given how many people ask for it I should probably give it a go as it must be good. When I found the distributor for Bananagrams I had to make an order and so we now have this game in stock as well as other games that they also supply.

Hugely popular already is Lexicon which despite having been around since the 1930's is the first time we have ever stocked the game. In fact even though we have an original vintage version in our loft we have never played it.

One game that has just arrived with this delivery that I do remember playing is Pass the Pigs. Basically you throw the pigs like dice and score points on how they land. Each position that they land in has a hilarious name such as pig out, makin' bacon or snouter.

Lastly but for this Cornish girl by no means least we have a Cornwall Edition of Monopoly. Looe Monkey Sanctuary is even on it along with lots of other local attractions. The most expensive place to purchase on the board is the Eden Project but I think I'd much rather buy the Ginsters pasty factory. I'm definitely going to be having fun with this board game!!

All of these games are now in stock in both our Looe and Totnes Shops as well as online.

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