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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Playground Crazes - Old and New

I think I mentioned before that Diabolos have been a popular playground craze of late, with lots of children being able to perform impressive tricks. Quite a useful skill to have if you want to join the circus although I dare say a skill that will be forgotten by most. I certainly can't remember all the different friendship bracelet patterns we used to create sat in the corner of the play ground.

It was a lovely idea to make something to give to a friend although I remember being a little reluctant to give mine away after spending hours making them. We would all have bracelets up our arms, including the dreaded 'shag bands'. There is a lot of disgust surrounding these colourful rubbery bracelets mainly due to the name but we were wearing them from 11 and we never followed the meaning (although we knew what they were supposed to mean) we just wanted to collect as many as possible. I still have a couple of clear rubber bracelets from those days that used to contain water and glitter but alas the water has long since evaporated.

I remember the boys equivalent must have item was football cards and then later on Pogs. I was given a Pog by a boy to start my collection and used it in battles to collect more. They were basically just little round disks which came in different designs. This paved the way for so many more fads to come like Pokemon cards and Bayblades. Sadly I'm too old to have enjoyed those.

More recently we've seen crazy bones come and go. Yo yo's became popular again and then not so much. Now Moshi Monster cards are all the rage. If I was a child of today I would definitely be collecting Moshi Monster cards as they are not just useless bits of card but you can actually use them to interact online.

As a traditional toy shop we don't tend to go with the fashions but we are sometimes lucky enough that classic toys such as diabolos and yo yo's become the latest playground craze. We couldn't ignore the wishes of our nieces and nephews this time though and we do actually stock moshi monster cards while the craze lasts.

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