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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tweedy Push Along Review

Push alongs are great for encouraging Children to walk and improve their balance. This cute and colourful Tweedy push along flaps his wings as you push him along. The handle features a nicely rounded end so the child can hold onto the stick a bit easier. The stick can be detached from Tweedy for easy storage.

I bought this for my Nephew as a Christmas present and the product definitely lived up to it's expectations! At first he did just try to carry it around, but once he knew how to use it, not only did it encourage him to walk better, but he also found the flapping of the birds wings highly amusing and it was funny to watch him push it around from room to room! The only negative with him playing with it so much is that it will begin to look worn quite noticeably on the wheels. This fairly simple and reasonably priced toy is perfect for helping young ones with their spatial thinking, hand and eye coordination and balance.

Pro’s and Cons

- Great for encouraging walking and improving balance
- Colourful
- Suitable for boys and girls
- Sturdy

- Doesn't come in a box

How Much Is It? - At £11.99 this is very reasonable and about the average price of a push along toy. There’s a whole range of these colourful push alongs available from www.toyday.co.uk, including a Penguin, Dragon and Pelican, which range in price from £11.99 to £13.99.

In Short
A summary of the following:
Price - £11.99
Value for Money – 8/10
Enjoyment Rating – 8.5/10
Recommended Age – 1 – 3 Years
Recommended Sex - Both
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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