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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to Play Boules

Boules has always been a very popular game in France and Italy being played in village squares and open spaces but has become an increasingly played game here in the UK for several years. Although it is kind of related to the more traditional game of Bowls which is considered to be played by the more mature person on flat greens, Boules can be seen played by all ages and has the advantage that it can be played on uneven surfaces.

Traditional Boules are made of steel and there are usually 6 in a set and included with them is a small wooden ball, or Jack as it is called, made of wood.

Teams are made of two or three players, with the boules being divided between them. A line or circle can be drawn as a standing point and one player tosses the wooden Jack several metres away. Each team then takes turns throwing their Boule as close as possible to the Jack, or if the opposing team has a closer Boule, then a player can try to hit that Boule to remove it and place his closer.

When all the Boules have been played the winning team can score one point for each of their Boules closer to the Jack then their opponents. The game continues until the agreed number of points has been made by the teams before the start for a winning score.

In Toyday we also sell the plastic water filled Boules set which are very popular for families to play on the beach here in Looe and not being so heavy as the metal Boules and more child friendly.

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