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Friday, 8 July 2011

When a toy is not just a toy

Here at Toyday, our main business is selling toys, as toys, to play with, and entertain or amuse oneself. However, sometimes our toys are purchased for other such purposes, and today, I felt compelled to list some of them.

Cat Deterrent
a.k.a. The Water Pistol

Perfect for keeping cats under control, a water pistol is a must. Whether you are keeping strays off of the garden, or trying house-train your cat, many of our water pistols are sold for keeping their pets under control.

Crow / Bird Scarer
a.k.a. Wooden Football Rattle

Great to keep the birds away from freshly sown seeds in the garden, the clacking noise generated from this wooden football rattle should do a great job of keeping the birds away!

Restaurant Menu
a.k.a. Framed slate and pencil

You may have eaten out recently and been presented with the dessert menu or specials chalked up on on of our slate blackboards. They are far more environment friendly than paper too.
Party Jelly Moulds
a.k.a. Castle Bucket and Mould Set

Kids will love a fantasy world made entirely out of jelly! The only limit to your jelly kingdom is the size of your bucket. The accompanying moulds make perfect seahorses, shells and crabs to live in the wobbly jelly world.
Hand Exercising Ball
a.k.a. Moody Face Stress Ball

Many people that have suffered strokes or similar ilnesses find that these moody face stress balls are a perfect way to help build up muscles again in their hands. Their tension is just right for gently squeezing and releasing again for hand exercises.

The list doesn't end there. We have also had a customer buy a few hundred of our metal springy slinky's to create an art piece which we unfortunately never obtained pictures of, but we did see it on the telly several months later. We also sold a large quantity of rubik's cubes for yet another art project, where the artist created a mosaic from them. Many of our toys are often featured in various theater productions, plays, and often on the tv, and it's always fun to spot them..

Have you found another use for any of our toys that I haven't mentioned? Feel free to comment below on any helpful tips or ideas.

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