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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Best toys for a 2 year old girl

At two a little girl is young enough to not be influenced by crazes and fads so you can buy some quality gifts instead that will last for years to come and can even be passed down through the generations. Here is my list of top toys for a two year old girl that she's sure to love:

1. 3D Breakfast Puzzle - £12.99
This wooden jigsaw puzzle can also be used as play food with a plate and cutlery. Great for role play as well as learning.

2. Doll's Pram - £39.99
This dolly's pram is absolutely beautiful and is a favourite with almost every girl that comes into the shop, that includes the grannies. It is the perfect height for a two year old and is sure to be pushed around every where she goes.

3. Dress Up Princess - £17.99
Girls love dolls and this one will teach her how to use buttons and zips as well.

4. Dough Sundae Set - £12.99
An icecream making machine that comes complete with accessories and reusable play dough. A great way to get creative from a young age.

5. Bear Jack in the Box - £19.99
A lot less scary than the clown version but no less traditional. This tin jack in the box plays pop goes the weasel with the surprise of a bear popping up during the song.

Some smaller gift ideas and great stocking stuffers:

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