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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Gok Wan's Spray Painted T-Shirt Disaster

I was watching the new series of Gok's Clothes Road Show on Channel 4 last night and although I love browsing the high streets fashions from my arm chair and watching as Gok Tirelessly makes women look thinner simply by adding a belt to any outfit I was less than impressed by his homemade t-shirt. I love the idea of giving us crafty fashion tips, I can see the use for glittering up a pair of old heels but using spray paint to create a unique design on a plain white T I don't think any of us could pull off. Even with his creative flair the design produced was lack luster so how can any of us mere mortals expect to come anywhere close to producing something wearable. Plus I'm not entirely sure how practical it would be to wash.

Nowadays customising a t-shirt shouldn't be so hard. You can by iron on transfers, sew on patches or how about going a bit retro and doing some tie dying. When I was a child I created my own funky t-shirts with string and some veggies. I tried tea, stinging nettles and beetroot as dye but for just £3.99 you can buy a tie dye kit. Now I don't know how much a can of spray paint is but I'm pretty sure you could achieve better results with one of these methods.

Looking forward to next week to see what other crazy idea's he has in store for us!

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